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David's Links

0. personal
1. general information, library & information science
2. history
3. language & literature
4. mathematics
5. philosophy
6. science
7. applied science
8. social science
9. religion
10. arts & recreation

    This has my link collection--started in the late 1990s--of links I use... not a list open to suggestions of additions (make your own page.) I may eventually give a description of other Internet ('net) areas besides the World Wide Web (WWW) that Internet service providers used to tell people about but typically have not done so for years. Some of those areas include FTP, Usenet, IRC, Gopher, etc. I recommend anyone who really wants to get the most from using the 'net learn about those. Another page of my links is the vegetarian/vegan social network, personals annotated links.
   SOME OF THESE LINKS ARE DEAD but some return periodically, so there's no reason to message me about any dead links. Some are already back as soon as the message is sent; others may return after 10+ years. One or more I'm pretty sure won't return but am working on possibly linking mirrors on the Internet Archive.

0. personal (friends)

sysadmin & Reniassance man
Ben Collver
Reniassance man Brian Fuchs

1. general information, library & information science

digital libraries & archives


The Norden University Network is the oldest part of Europe's Internet and has great resources (computer and otherwise).
NIC.FUNET.FI has a good literature archive.
FTP.SUNET.SE has a good art archive.
Lysator Academic Computer Society is where Elfwood.com (where my main art gallery is) started, and has interesting projects such as for literature.

digital libraries

Alexandria Digital Library Project, Digital Library Federation, Infomotions (see 'Alex' literature & philosophy directory)

search engine information

Frabia's Web-searching Lore

WWW styles

User Styles is a great site at which one can download web browser styles to make sites appear how one prefers.

2. history


Wooden Canoe Heritag Association has an article '
The History of the Swastika' (about the worldwide symbol before Nazi misuse).


StonePages.com is about the standing stones of ancient Europe.


The Labyrinth is an academic Medieval studies resource.


Colin Pringle's site has an interesting article on 1900s countercultures, 'How the Bohemians Were Named'.

3. language & literature


Linguist list is perhaps the Internet's oldest email discussion place for linguists themselves.


University of Idaho's 1990s Computer Science Secretary had interesting literature related links (now at at archive.org).

book resources

ABEbooks, Addall ('... most useful database I've found'--Mom), Alibris, Amazon, Barnes And Noble, Blackwells, Book Finder, Half, Powells, Used Book Search


Elmhurst public library had a good children's high fantasy book list (now at archive.org).



Icelandic Professor Terry Gunnell had an interesting page 'Common Features of The Hero' (now at archive.org).


Encyclopedia Mythica is the WWW's oldest mythology encyclopedia.

folktales & fairytales

Richard Darsie had an interesting page 'Tales of Wonder' (now at archive.org).


Kimberly Bates wrote an interesting article for 'Green Man Review', 'Mabinogion and its Fictional Offspring' (now at archive.org).


Western European Studies Section Web has some good online text collections in Western European literature.


Perseus is one of the best Classics academic digital libraries.

4. mathematics

I recommend the mathematics links at
Temple of Mathematics.

5. philosophy


Professor Philip A. Pecorino has an interesting
philosophy page including ones on the ancient/Classical Greeks and Plato's Republic.



One of Free Software Foundation President Richard Stallman many great philosophy articles includes 'Did You Say "Intellectual Property"? It's a Seductive Mirage', and Professor Brian Martin wrote a similar one, 'Against Intellectual Property'.


International Vegetarian Union, Vegan society [UK, USA], rendering

6. science


National Physical Science Consortium is an academic aid organization.
Recovered Science is an interesting site about ancient and unusual science.
Slashdot is a nerd news site.

computer science

'Forget sex, drugs and rock and roll, I'll gladly take hex, bugs and solid control any day!'--John MacPherson, an IBM Vice President.


Association for Computing Machinery & Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers are the main professional computer science & engineering organizations.
Hacker's Wisdom has good links to what hacking, in the context of (computer) science, is.
The Jargon File and derived Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing, as well as Webopedia (slightly) are good computer culture reference.
The United Kingdom Computing Research Committee defined the current grand challenges in computing research.

scientists--three greats

My first computer science professor, in the 1990s, said Edsger Dijkstra, Tony Hoare, Niklaus Wirth were the three people in computer science that everyone listens to.

scientists--POSIX (Unix, GNU, Linux)

Brian Kernighan & Dennis Ritchie ('K&R', C programming language creators), Ken Thompson (now at archive.org) (K&R, Thompson, MD McIlroy, JF Ossanna are the Unix creators); Bill Joy (BSD Unix creator), Richard Stallman (GNU creator); William Jolitz (BSD/OS creator); Chris Demetriou & Adam Glass & Charles Hannum & Theo de Raadt (NetBSD Unix creators); Linus Torvalds (Linux creator), Patrick Volkerding (Slackware GNU/Linux creator)

scientists--helpful writing/code

Don Knuth, Timo Salmi, Bjarne Stroustrup

systems--IBM-compatible PC

BIOS survival guide (now at archive.org) and Yale University's PC Lube And Tune (with general info on PC hardware) are good IBM-compatible PC resources.


Hewlett-Packard calculator resource site
Texas Instruments calculator resource site

systems--DOS-based (and Windows)

A couple useful sites on learning DOS-based operating systems are DOS the Easy Way, Powerload, and in the days such systems were used, DOSINFO (now on archive.org) was an interesting site about transitioning to free DOS and POSIX-based software. Three DOS software archives are Garbo, Horst Shaeffer's, Simtelnet. Perhaps the best site on configuring DOS & Windows 9x/ME (and NT/2000s/XP) is MDGx.

systems--POSIX (Unix, GNU, Linux)

Open Group owns the Unix trademark and defines what a POSIX system is (though Richard Stallman coined the term).
NetBSD Unix is the oldest surviving modern derivative of BSD Unix, world's most orderly/stable operating system (OS).
FreeBSD Unix is the most powerful/fast modern (of three classic) derivative of BSD.
OpenBSD Unix is the most secure modern (of three classic) derivative of BSD, world's most secure OS.
OpenSolaris (now Open Indiana) is the oldest combination of BSD and SunOS Unix.
GNU's Not Unix (i.e., GNU Hurd, GNU/BSD, GNU/Linux) is the oldest collection of Free/Libre software to replace proprietary Unix.
Slackware GNU/Linux is the oldest surviving GNU/Linux, and arguably, the world's most efficient and powerful operating system.
FreeSlack is the fully Free/Libre version of Slackware.
my Slackware Documentation page. my Slackware Wiki page. Mac-like vwm is the most aesthetic X11 window manager.

papers/books & information

Corporation for National Research Initiatives' CS Tech Reports & University of California at Berkeley's CS Tech Reports
Digital Research Library at Grainger Engineering Library Information Center
FAQSYS, FAQSYS extended (both at archive.org)
Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
Programmers' Booklist
Programmer's Heaven
Programmer's Oasis
Standard Documents and Links to Standard Documents
HTML: December Communications


Delorie software's DOS DJGPP compiler
The x2ftp.oulu.fi mirror is a classic archive.


graphics papers, graphics primitives, triangulation (now at archive.org)


The Happy Hacker, L0pht, Phrack, 2600, Aeonflux, Attrition, Antionline, Art of Hacking, CCC, COAST, Common Criteria, CSRC, Cult of The Dead Cow, CVE, DIS, IRC, Freenet, ftp.giga.or.at, Klaphek, Milw0rm, Netcraft, OSVDB


physics demo


Winchell Chung has interesting resources/articles such as on three-dimensional star maps


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Arctic Theme Page is one of the best sites I found years ago for reference photos of wolves (in the arctic).

7. applied science

electronic & computer engineering


Tomi Engdahl, Offerman's chiplist

PC assembling

Price Watch, Tom's Hardware Guide, IBM model M keyboards



British Complementery Medicine Association
SW School of Botanical Medicine has many herbalism texts.


Vegetarian Resource Group's raw foods diets article (I am no longer in favour of rawism except as a very short phase after certain Natural Hygiene methods.)

8. social science

anthropology & humanities

Voice of The Shuttle is one of the WWW's oldest humanities sites.


Retired professor D. L. Ashliman's folklore site is one of the WWW's oldest.


Scottish folklore, Electric Scotland, Scotsmart directory, tartan: tartan, plaid


Resource Guide to Norse Mythology. It's introduced for fans of Marvel Comics, but has some seemingly classic early modern Teutonic art, and many annotated links.
The Viking Home Page & Viking Links (now at archive.org) were some of the WWW's oldest viking pages.


Cambridge Brain Sciences is an interesting science tests site, but if you do not login for a while, they will delete your account.
IQ Test
brainwave frequencies

9. religion

general, and Western mystic/esoteric

Encyclopedia Mystica is the WWW's oldest encyclopedia on mysticism, occultism, magic, etc.
Evil Bible explains the negativity of the Bible.
Faerylands was a site about fairies (now at archive.org).
The Rose+Croix Journal is a yearly journal on Rosicrucianism.
Skeptics Annotated Bible explains the negativity of the Bible, etc.
Summerstar is Pacific Northwest pagan festival
magic: Tomekeeper is one of the WWW's oldest magic sites
Virtue Science is an ethics & metaphysics philosophy site focused on science

Indian (Dharma)

My main interest in Dharma (Hinduism, Jainism, etc.) is that of Shaktism in which Devi (Goddess) Kundalini (the coiled power) Shakti (power) is considered the main power within one's nervous system or also spirit. Many Westerners have had trouble stumbling upon and dealing with that power, but one who explains it well is Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Professor Kurt Keutzer (in his personal interests page), and some Western informative sites on it include Kundalini Gateway, Biology of Kundalini, and (with Eastern teachers) Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care. Some research organizations investigating the power are Kundalini And Consciousness Research: Institute for Consciousness Research, Kundalini Research Foundation, Kundalini Research Institute, Kundalini Research Network.


European Congress of Ethnic Religions, Church and School of Wicca, Myriad of Enchantments

European--Greek (Hellenismos)

Hellenismos FAQ
Biblioteca Arcana
Shrine of Goddess Athena, Athena - goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athena (now at archive.org)

European--Celtic (Ceilteachas)

Carmina Gadelica [Mike Nichols, sacred-texts.com]


The Druid Network has a vegan organizer.
Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids
The Gaelic Druid Order of The Southern Cross has music by the interesting bard Ravenswing.

European--Teutonic (Teutonism)

The Asatru Alliance is one of the WWW's oldest Asatru sites.
Wiccecraeft is one of the oldest sites on Anglo-Saxon religon/mythology.

10. arts & recreation

multimedia & demoscene

Demoscene FAQ, Orange juice & Nectarine Demoscene Radio, scene.org, Crest, Cubic, Hornet, Pouet, Bitfellas, PC Demo Fan Club, Monostep, The Scene Code



Daniel Smith, Utrecht


Don Jusko color wheel


Marquardt golden ratio in portraiture


Creating Comics, Gareth Hinds, The Webcomic List

These are some mostly well-illustrated, or otherwise very well-done/funny (such as with larger scenes) webcomics, with ratings judged 'approprite for all ages' (A), 'for teens' (T), 'suggested for mature readers' (M).

Abstruse Goose (M) is a cartoon, of several years, that starts and ends (some years ago) with a math joke, but had to do with many other subjects (such as humour/bizarre ones, sciences, philosophy).
Angel The Demoness (M) is a fantasy comic about a not powerful enough demoness that will be sent to Earth for punishment.
Basil: The Magical Inn (T) is a fantasy comic about a noble/royal boy/youth who runs away to work at a magical inn.
The Book of Three (A) is an adaption of Lloyd Alexander's fantasy novel.
Boris And Bjorn (T). is a fantasy comic about two monster-hunting brothers.
The Challenges of Zona (M) is a 3D-modelled fantasy comic about a barbarian princess from another plane of existence, and her Hebrew boyfriend from Earth, and their friends.
Dark Magic And Donuts (T) is a fantasy humour comic, largely about magicians.
Darths & Droids (T) is a comic adaption of the 'Star Wars' science fantasy movies as if a role-playing game.
Demon Aid (T) is a fantasy cartoon about a demon mediator lady who solves magical problems such as with demons. You may have to check if it is on The Internet Archive.
Demon Fist (M) is a post-apocalyptic fantasy manga about a tyranny world with angels and demons in society, and a young man with a demon-empowered arm, sought after (for power?) by the world church tyranny.
Demon Tails (M) is a modern fantasy cartoon about a human who became a demon lord, and demons.
The Devil And The Monk (M) is a modern fantasy comic about a Buddhist monk (i.e., trained to be able to ignore personal suffering) sent to Christian Hell.
DM of The Rings (T) is a comic adaption of the 'Lord of The Rings' movies (based on fantasy books) as if they are a role-playing game.
Dragon in The Courtyard (M) is a 3D-modelled fantasy comic about adventurers.
Dragon Mail (T) is a fantasy cartoon about adventurers.
Dreamland Chronicles (A) is 3D-modelled fantasy comic about a student boy who visits a world in his dreams, and his brother and friends.
Drow Love Is Tough Love (T) is a fantasy comic about dark elves and Dungeons & Dragons.
Dungeon Crawl (T) is a fantasy comic apparently with videogame art and influenced by Dungeons & Dragons.
Dungeons & Denizens (A) is a fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons humour cartoon about monsters running a dungeon. You may have to check if it is on The Internet Archive.
Eirgsmoth City of Gh'hul (M) is a 3D-modelled fantasy comic about a dying trade empire.
Elf (M) is a fantasy comic about an elf lady adventurer.
Elf-Help (T) is a fantasy comic about some teens' journey to visit elves. You may have to check if it is on The Internet Archive.
Elf Only Inn (T) is a science fiction & fantasy cartoon about various characters.
ElfQuest (M) is one of the oldest (i.e., printed), best, professional small-press fantasy comics, about elf tribes.
Erstwhile Tales (A) is Grimm's fairy tales.
Espectro (M) is a fantasy cartoon about an adventurer exploring a mysterious world with metaphysical/cosmological themes. You may have to check if it is on The Internet Archive.
Estranged (A) is a modern fantasy comic about a boy and his changeling (switched at birth).
Everybody Loves Eric Raymond (T) is a computer-science/hacking humour comic, with Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond, and Linus Torvalds.
The Field Guide to Magical Animals (A) is a fantasy cartoon about two ladies solving mysteries about magical animals.
Flipside (M) is a fantasy comic about a jester and her friends.
Fox And Willow (M) is a fantasy comic about a princess and her lycanthrope friend.
Gatehouse (A) is a fantasy comic about an inn in a 'nexus of the multiverse'.
The Hellenic Mysteries (T) is Greek mythology.
Jesus And Mo (A) is a heresy/blasphemy/atheism/antitheism comic.
Kill Six Billion Demons is a well-illustrated science fantasy comic about a girl/lady who goes to a reality of demons and angels.
Luminous Ages (A) is a fantasy comic about a surreal universe, from its polytheistic and dream-based beginning.
Metamorphoses (M) is an adaption of ancient epic poet Ovid's epic.
Nodwick (A) is a fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons humour cartoon originally started in 'Dragon' Magazine.
An Ordinary Princess (A) is a fantasy comic about a princess 'blessed' to be ordinary (inspired by a novel of similar name). You may have to check if it is on The Internet Archive.
Penance (A) is a fantasy comic about roguelike game Moria/Angband that was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons
Perry Bible Fellowship (M) is a bizarre humour comic.
Philosophy Comics - Daily Nous. Daily Nous publishes a new comic strip once a week, usually on Tuesdays, by one of four philosopher-artists.
Planescape (T) is an other world and modern fantasy comic about other planes of existence, and Earth, in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons second edition, involving the adventurers, demons, angels, gods whom travel those planes.
Qarakorshaq (T) is a modern fantasy comic about a Kazakh-Russian-French boy protagonist.
Rune (T) is a 3D-modelled fantasy comic about wizards and kings.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (T) is a humour/bizarre/mathematics/science cartoon, with associated other comics, and web videos/TV series.
Silly Kingdom (A) is a comedy fantasy about a prince, princess, jester, and wizard.
Sulfur And Salt (T) is a science fantasy about youths from a magical world, and a scientific world, meeting each other.
The Stoop-Gallants (T) is a fantasy humour comic about the hazards of accidental necromancy.
The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn (A) is a modern fantasy comic about a paranormal investigator who is paranormal himself.
Swift Blades (T) is a fantasy comic about a group of adventurers, in traditional form (long page). You may have to check if it is on The Internet Archive.
Tales of The Lost Souls (M) is a painted fantasy comic with various characters.
Tanuki Blade (T) is a fantasy manga about a kid who is given a partial sword.
10 Earth-shattering Blows. (Mediaeval/Renaissance-type?) Action-fantasy.
Tears of The Dragon (T) is a fantasy comic with various plots. You may have to check if it is on The Internet Archive.
Terrible Tod's Tavern is a fantasy comic. You may have to check if it is on The Internet Archive.
The Thief of Tales (A) is a fantasy comic about a young lady who tells stories.
Veritable Hokum (A) is an unusual and perhaps science-based comic and art site.
Wednesday 7 (A) is a modern fantasy comic about a young man who fuses souls with a demon.
Vice (M) (a news site) has various comics ranging from modern to science fiction to the bizarre.
The Wizard of Quippley (T) is various science fiction & fantasy comics, mostly about a wizard and his dwarf man friend.
XKCD (M) is a humour/bizarre/science/mathematics cartoon, sometimes with large scenes or interactive things.


Friends' Hobby miniatures


Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies, Czech artist Alphonse Mucha


Celtic rebel, Fairy artists


Pixxelpoint art compo, iCE, ACiD,
scanner review, scan tips

realism--religion & mythology

Victor Ambrus, Michelangelo, Edoras, Caldwell (mostly sf&f), Phidias, Fields (mostly sf&f), Frazetta (much sf&f) Hildebrandt bros (mostly sf&f), Johnson, Alan Lee, Rowena Morrill (now at archive.org) (mostly sf&f), Parrish, Polykleitos, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Pyle, Rackham, Vallejo & Bell (much sf&f), Leonardo, Whelan (much sf&f), Windsor-Smith


Abandon Art, Brom, Dorman, Easley, Elmore, Kelly, Kennedy, Parkinson


Garb The World

martial arts

Western & Chivalry

Academy of Medieval Martial Arts, Cateran Society, Maisters, Sword Forum, Sword School

Eastern & Bushido

chi kung book list

role-playing games

Woodelf's Index, critique of D&D, Acaeum, Great Netbook Archive (now at archive.org)


classic games, Linux Games (now at archive.org), Atari Intellivision, Worldforge MMORPG


RogueBasin, chronology (now at archive.org) (ICMoria, Imoria)


[Zen of] tracking


Sound and MIDI software for Linux, SMM


Mamady Keita, Obo Addy, Djembe FAQ & compendium, djembe S.H.A.R.E


Brobdingnagian Bards, Wee Jock's Music Corner, Bagpipeweb, Kiltmusic, Celtic guitar, Skye boat song, Enya, metal-string harpist Laurie Riley, Slainte

Classical & 'New Age'

Steven Halpern, Peter Gabriel

synthesizer & technology

Hyperreal is one of the WWW's oldest sites on techno/rave culture, etc.
Good psy-trance sites are DJ Mag by Core, psynews.
This is an interesting electronic music genres map.
Some good classic demoscene music sites are The Mod Archive, Trax in Space, and ones of the Commodore Amiga Aminet mods, Commodore 64 High Voltage SID collection, Atari Sap Music Archive.
di electronic 'net radio, clubkydz
Hard to Find Records

List of other songs/mods (and a few mp3 or live) and styles in order: most to least liked, but a few are my 'to listen to' list.

Yehudi Menuhin, Ravi Shankar; Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Pachelbel, Chopin, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Haydn, Handel, Richter, Alfred Brendel, Strauss, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff
European traditional music, 'Amazing Grace' (except some lyrics), Laurie Riley, Slainte (ended; some members are in Mooncoyne), didjeridoo (Australian), African drumming

Classical/ambient (Baroque, New Age, etc.)
Andreas Vollenweider, Enya, Jean Jarre, Skaven / Future Crew
Johan Alpmar

ambient/synth (New Age, etc.)
N-Site, Absys-'the first new age,' 'teknopekno,' 'the last new age,'
Johan Alpmar, Nimbus
Kosmic Free Music Foundation-'More Than Meets The Mind' (trance)

synth/trance (and disco-funk synth)
Vogue / Triton / Starbreeze, Tangerine Dream (vegetarians), N-Site, Captain / Image-"space_debris", Lift / Digital Terra

Vernon's Wonderland, P-Tec; Astral Projection (vinyl: Nova Tekk, Germany and Transient UK), Slice 'psychedelic transistor bass [303 years ahead],' 'astronomic track.1,' 'cyclonic_blips,' 'freakuencer{part 1}, 'lunatic_waves,' Pro.Ject:Eject,' 'trancepop,' 'Slide the Universe,'
Transplant & Emulate, Lord Titan, Cosmosis (incl. Laughing Buddha), Miranda-'Space Baby,' CC, DJ Spyhunter-'Friendship 7,'
Chi AD, Swami Goa Gil (He is this high because he founded Goa trance; I have only heard the 2 free songs and thought they were 'okay,') Speedy J, Aura-The Source of Trance-'Destination Skyline,' 303infinity-"winter rain" (actually I may have only heard 1 or 2 more, but this may be their 1st), Alice Dejay, Green Nuns of The Revolution, Darshan 'Neuroscanner,' Darude 'Sandstorm'
Hallucinogen, Transwave, ATB, Purple Motion / Future Crew-'Cool City,' 'Panic,' '2nd PM' (this is rave, and 2nd PM comes after Skaven's classical; Purple Motion also does classical and jazz), Richie Hawtin ('Plastikman,' etc),
Solaris / Nearly Gods, Goacidia: Hideo, Ultrabeat, Trip-Crew, DAC, Rave Beats International; Kosmic Free Music Foundation-'More Than Meets The Mind' (trance), Brouil / Legion-"cyber reality,"
Blacktron Music Productions releases, Bjorn Lynne aka Dr. Awesome (also does jazz & rock), Etnica, Infected Mushroom
Cynic Project
Moby (also does rock) (vegan)
[to listen to: Fiona Horne (also does rock) (raw-veg[etari]an), ndrdj (vegetarian)]

Marusha, RMB, Praga Khan, Westbam
(vegetarian) Mopz / NC.Games-"3PigsAnd1Wolf", "MopzGoesFaster"
Dune, Scooter, Sash
Alien Factory-Spaceman
Merlin / Sonik Clique-'Experiment 33'
Frank / Riot-"Rave-.0.-lution"
[to listen to: Depeche Mode (vegetarian)]
Voltan / The Lunar Project-"Waterdrop on the Rooftop" (possibly largely copied)

Drumm, N-Site
Todd Sines (vegan)

Dillinja, Congo Natty, Photek Elleinad-"Eee3e"

reggae/hip-hop (and dub/trip-hop)
Congo Natty
Cypress Hill
Ziggy Marley
to listen to: Benjamin Zephaniah

hip-hop/funk-blues-jazz (and trip-hop/acid jazz)
DJ Shadow, N-Site, Radix
Count Basie, Benny Goodman
N-Site and another classmate of mine
Beastie Boys (only this high because they are vegetarian)
Cypress Hill (a little), Outkast
LL Cool J (a bit), Wu-Tang (a bit)

Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Weird Al Yankovic
Chuck Berry, Elvis, Credence Clearwater, "Rock Around The Clock,"
"The Twist," etc.
Five Satins, Don McLean
['fair' list part:]
The Doors
Metallica (the few somewhat positive sounding, i.e. 'thrash' tunes they do), The Contours, Led Zeppelin
['I mostly only like the lyrics' list part:]
Pink Floyd, Whorehouse of Representatives (vegan straight-edge), Beastie Boys
['I only like some lyrics' list part:]
Stone Temple Pilots, Crash Test Dummies, Offspring, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Green Day,
['poor' part of the list:]
most others after 1970

[to listen to: Minor Threat (vegan straight-edge), Earth Crisis (vegan straight-edge)]


Legend photos (now at archive.org)
Khaaan (now at archive.org)

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