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David's Homepage

'Consider all things well, let reason, the gift divine, be thy highest guide,' 'All is number,' 'Number rules the universe'--Pythagoras.
'Long for Wisdom,' 'Seek after wisdom,' Use your skill,' 'Know thyself,'--Apollo.
'I think, therefore I am'--Descartes.
'Dare to know'--Age of Enlightement motto.

Academic & Work, Contact Info

    I graduated from Central Washington University (CWU) with a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Computer Science, specialized in scientific computing with the science being mathematics (beyond minor, almost BSc, likely equivalent elsewhere,) and minor in art. I program Free/Libre/Opensource Software (FLOSS.) My interests are mathematical cosmos, formal & natural & social science, systems programming, computer languages, computer graphics/art, electronic audio/music, artificial intelligence, general programming. I tutored for many years at CWU and am open to doing so for older students for mathematics & computer science, English, visual art. I sell prints (see above, or email me about signed ones) and in rare cases might do a commission.
   I'm on some instant messaging & internet relay chat, social networks, and may say where if you know me.

Art Notes, Biography

    For trade/sale: art, reference/modelling (I seek modelling and would do some myself,) many comics: some bronze - modern age DC & Marvel & independent.
    David Chmelik (legally Melik, a simplification of a hard to pronounce Bohemian name) was born vegan (beyond vegetarian) and has been an artist since before he knew. In 3rd year/class/grade he won an art contest by another student, and in two 12th year art classes he did a 6x4 ft.2 oil painting and was awarded in his class or the show. Though half Scottish, he lived in the greater London area seven years. His Bohemian-American Dad's brother Jerry did Western art in Montana (at Lewistown musem,) one piece of which David is finishing. David camped around Great Britain, and in a Vokswagen van and with Cub/Boy Scouts in USA. He does realist, historical, spiritual/mythology-based (and previously a lot of science fiction & fantasy, one or a few pieces of the latter of which could partly be considered horror) art and tries to play traditional/Classical music. He computer-illustrated since 3rd year, and then programmed and composed electronic music. He played football (soccer) a couple years. His parents showed him how to take care of trees in a back field, and his Eagle Scout project was leading planting hundreds.
    He read the main Hermetica, Theogony, Works And Days, part of Shield of Heracles, all of Library, Argonautika, some Greek epic fragments, all of Iliad, Odyssey, some Homeric, Orphic hymns, all Pythagoras' work, most Plato's work, some of Aristotle's work, many Gnostic texts, some of Plotinus' Enneads, part of the Egyptian pyramids texts & Book of Coming Forth by Day, parts of the Vedas, all ten main Upanishads, Bhagavad-gita & part of Anu-gita, all of Yoga Sutras, Crest Jewel of Discrimination, Shiva Sutras, part of Yoga Vasishtha, all of Shiva Samhita, part of Tattvarhta Sutra, all of Saman Suttam, Tao Te Ching, much of Blackfoot mythology, part of the Avesta & Gathas, some Slavic folk tales, some Celtic mythology & all The Mabiniogion, The Eddas, some of Descartes' work, Leibniz's Monadology (The Science of Monads edition) some of Hegel's work, some of Marx's work, some of Nietzsche's work, Mike Hockney's The God Series, etc.

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